Added support for Atom format parsing.
This will allow to add many other channels formed in this format.
Based on Polymorphic XML paraser: pxp 1.2.9.
How to make friends OCaml webdav client 1.1.5 and Nginx 1.10.3. Add following lines to WebDAV Nginx configuration:
		    if ($request_method = PROPFIND) {
		    add_header "Content-Type" "text/xml" always;
By default, WebDAV module of Nginx does not transmit Content-Type header for PROPFIND method.
Some fun with SSL certificates from the LetsEncrypt community.
		    # apt-get install certbot python-certbot-nginx
		    # certbot certonly --nginx
		    # certbot renew --dry-run
There is also a controversial feature that assumes that certbot starts from superuser by default.
Details see on the website.
Reminder: Use Ctrl-U to look source code of web page from Firefox. You can use audio content on Web Page over:
		    <audio controls="controls" preload="auto" autoplay="no">
		    <source src="<url>"/>
Multiple source sections is supported.
Good news. I have found web site of Holy Xavier Leroy:

He is a funny man. He once said:
„Repeat after me:
		    "Obj. magic is not part of the OCaml language".“
Look at link to other sayings.
Safari/537.36 (AppleWebKit/605.1.15) has a very strange HTML renderer. F*ck.

Today I have puted to YouTube some video. So what? YouTube reduced the volume of sound to promote all kinds of advertising. Where does Steven Paul look?
Number of packages is growing:
		      $ opam list -a | wc -l
Today I have readed the text of Graig Buckler about HTML5 calendar icon. And tried to implelent it.
Also, a little played with speech-bubble CSS.