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27 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Fuckin' user interface design, I swear
27 Feb 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine
27 Feb 2021Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): February 2021 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
26 Feb 2021Standard C++GotW #100 Solution: Preconditions, part 1 -- Herb Sutter
25 Feb 2021Standard C++The Meeting C++ Community Survey results for 2020
25 Feb 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: The Plutus team is hiring
25 Feb 2021Standard C++Contribute your insights about C++ community – Developer Ecosystem 2021 survey
25 Feb 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Battle-tested monadic OCaml: Tezos
24 Feb 2021Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [nzcimnev] infix dollar with RankNTypes
23 Feb 2021Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell: folding challenge
19 Feb 2021Standard C++A Recap on string_view--Jonathan Boccara
19 Feb 2021Standard C++Complete C++20 Modules Support with GCC--Boris Kolpackov
19 Feb 2021Standard C++Take control of your vcpkg dependencies with versioning support--Victor Romero
19 Feb 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Newsletters
19 Feb 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Imagine the Pandemic without Computer Science
19 Feb 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Lego + Architecture = �
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Introduction to GPU Programming with CUDA and Thrust -- Richard Thomson
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Preconditions, Postconditions, Invariants - How They Help Write Robust Programs
18 Feb 2021Standard C++unique_ptr, shared_ptr, weak_ptr, or reference_wrapper for class relationships -- Hitesh Kumar
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Why PVS-Studio Uses Data Flow Analysis: Based on Gripping Error in Open Asset Import Library
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Modern C++: Safety and Expressiveness with override and final
18 Feb 2021Standard C++An Improved Thread with C++20--Rainer Grimm
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Colony – A brief history of timing--Matt Bentley
18 Feb 2021Standard C++Colony – A brief history of timing
18 Feb 2021Standard C++HPX V1.6.0 released -- STE||AR Group
17 Feb 2021Planet HaskellYesod Web Framework: We Made ChatWisely With Haskell
17 Feb 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Derivation outputs in a content-addressed world
16 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: The ideal gas law
16 Feb 2021Standard C++Looking for C++ Employers for the online C++ Job fair on March 16th
15 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Mystery twitter language
15 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Advanced Series Updated!
15 Feb 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Short Circuit Sum in Rust
14 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Theories of Obesity
13 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Paul L. Smith as Bluto
11 Feb 2021Planet Haskellin Code: Breaking a Degenerate Hyper-Dimensional Game of Life
11 Feb 2021Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: Live coding a compiler
10 Feb 2021Standard C++Overload 161 is now available
10 Feb 2021Standard C++Book “Beginning C++20”--Marc Gregoire
10 Feb 2021Standard C++Book “C++ Lambda Story”--Marc Gregoire
10 Feb 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: linear-base makes writing Linear Haskell easy and fun
10 Feb 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: GHC activities report: December-January 2020/2021
09 Feb 2021Planet HaskellAuke Booij: -XFunctorialDo
09 Feb 2021Standard C++GotW #99 Solution: Postconditions -- Herb Sutter
09 Feb 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Down in the dumps
09 Feb 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Hedera Platform Audit
08 Feb 2021Standard C++How std::any Works--Jonathan Boccara
08 Feb 2021Standard C++Abbreviated Function Templates and Constrained Auto--Sy Brand
08 Feb 2021Standard C++12 Different Ways to Filter Containers in Modern C++--Bartlomiej Filipek
08 Feb 2021Standard C++ACCU 2021 Accepting Volunteer Applications
08 Feb 2021Standard C++PVS-Studio Roadmap 2021
08 Feb 2021Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: Exploring Case Law
07 Feb 2021Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: Folds are constructor substitution
05 Feb 2021Standard C++6 years of weekly Meeting C++ Blogrolls!
05 Feb 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Integrating refinement and dependent types: a fellowship report
04 Feb 2021Standard C++Contracts, Preconditions & Invariants -- Andrzej Krzemienski
02 Feb 2021Standard C++Barriers and Atomic Smart Pointers in C++20--Rainer Grimm
02 Feb 2021Standard C++std::jthread and cooperative cancellation with stop token--Hitesh Kumar
02 Feb 2021Standard C++Inheritance Without Pointers--Jonathan Boccara
02 Feb 2021Planet HaskellIOHK Haskell: Plutus Tx: compiling Haskell into Plutus Core
01 Feb 2021Standard C++Online C++ User Group Meetings in February 2021
31 Jan 2021Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: Dynamic type errors lack relevance
30 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): January 2021 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
29 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): January 2021 1HaskellADay 1Liners
29 Jan 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Intern opening to improve GHC performance
29 Jan 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Memory Fragmentation: A Deeper Look With ghc-debug
27 Jan 2021Standard C++Advanced Modern C++ -- Mateusz Pusz
27 Jan 2021Standard C++Matching Text -- Richard Thomson
27 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Moving to Fastmail: custom domain, family accounts, and more
25 Jan 2021Standard C++GotW #98 Solution: Assertion levels -- Herb Sutter
25 Jan 2021Standard C++Inlining and Compiler Optimizations--Scott Wolchok
25 Jan 2021Standard C++C++ Best Practices--Jason Turner
25 Jan 2021Standard C++Build Throughput Series: More Efficient Template Metaprogramming--Xiang Fan
25 Jan 2021Standard C++ACCU 2021 Schedule Published -- ACCU
23 Jan 2021Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: I Built a Terrible Roomba
22 Jan 2021Standard C++2021-01 mailing available
22 Jan 2021Planet HaskellAlson Kemp: AWS ALB Lambda
21 Jan 2021Standard C++CopperSpice: Atomics
21 Jan 2021Standard C++Bryce Adelstein Lelbach - The CUDA C++ Standard Library - Meeting C++ online
21 Jan 2021Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [opautqcc] deconstruct
21 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Stack Governance
20 Jan 2021Standard C++Semaphores in C++20--Rainer Grimm
20 Jan 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Secure defaults with Kubernetes Security with Kube360
19 Jan 2021Standard C++Klaus Iglberger Calling Functions - Meeting C++ 2020
18 Jan 2021Standard C++Build Throughput Series: Template Metaprogramming Fundamentals--Xiang Fan
18 Jan 2021Standard C++4 Features of Boost HOF That Will Make Your Code Simpler--Jonathan Boccara
18 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Beginners Series Updated!
17 Jan 2021Planet HaskellNeil Mitchell: Recording video
16 Jan 2021Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: Defunctionalizing dependent type families in Haskell
15 Jan 2021Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: A bulletin board website using Haskell, scotty and friends
13 Jan 2021Standard C++Performance Comparison of Condition Variables and Atomics in C++20--Rainer Grimm
13 Jan 2021Standard C++Reusable HTTP(S) Connections--Richard Hodges
13 Jan 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Improve productivity and quality with CI/CD in Kube360
13 Jan 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Cloud Vendor Neutrality
11 Jan 2021Standard C++GotW #97 Solution: Assertions -- Herb Sutter
11 Jan 2021Standard C++ACCU Overload 160 --
10 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Securing internet communications: a layman's guide (2021)
09 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: A parents' guide to Minecraft
08 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Indexed optics dilemma
07 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Benchmarks of discrimination package
06 Jan 2021Planet HaskellEdward Z. Yang: The PyTorch open source process
06 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDerek Elkins: Overlaps
05 Jan 2021Standard C++Include What You Use--Jonathan Boccara
05 Jan 2021Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: The visitor pattern is essentially the same thing as Church encoding
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellAbhinav Sarkar: Solving Advent of Code “Handy Haversacks” in Type-level Haskell
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Master's Thesis
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Coindexed optics
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: A First Look at Info Table Profiling
03 Jan 2021Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: Theory of iteration and recursion
31 Dec 2020Planet Haskellin Code: Advent of Code 2020: Haskell Solution Reflections for all 25 Days
29 Dec 2020Planet HaskellRoman Cheplyaka: StateT vs. IORef: a benchmark