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24 Oct 2020Planet HaskellEdward Z. Yang: The hidden problem(?) with basic block procedures in SSA
24 Oct 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): October 2020 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
22 Oct 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Recursive image rotation
22 Oct 2020Standard C++Checking a Header-Only C++ Library Collection (awesome-hpp)
22 Oct 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): October 2020 Haskell 1-Liners
22 Oct 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Nickel: better configuration for less
21 Oct 2020Standard C++17 Smaller but Handy C++17 Features--Bartlomiej Filipek
21 Oct 2020Standard C++More and More Utilities in C++20--Rainer Grimm
21 Oct 2020Standard C++constexpr is a Platform--Jonathan Müller
21 Oct 2020Standard C++Lay a strong foundation by writing secure C and C++ utilities
21 Oct 2020Standard C++SonarLint for Visual Studio adds secondary locations
20 Oct 2020Standard C++Ongoing online jobfair organized by Meeting C++
19 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Watching Files with FS-Notify!
19 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Newton's Method and its instability
18 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Fixed points and attractors, part 3
17 Oct 2020Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Fun with Combinators
16 Oct 2020Standard C++The current Berlin status for Meeting C++ 2020
16 Oct 2020Standard C++Part 2: Upsetting Opinions about Static Analyzers
14 Oct 2020Standard C++A brief introduction to C++ structured binding--Raymond Chen
14 Oct 2020Standard C++Clang 11.0.0 Release Notes — Clang 11 documentation
14 Oct 2020Standard C++C++20: Extend std::format for User-Defined Types--Rainer Grimm
14 Oct 2020Planet HaskellEdward Z. Yang: Idiomatic algebraic data types in Python with dataclasses and Union
14 Oct 2020Standard C++Virtual C++ Day 2020
14 Oct 2020Planet HaskellChris Penner: Silly job interview questions in Haskell
13 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Newton's Method but without calculus — or multiplication
13 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Unpack your Existentials
13 Oct 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: GHC activities report: August–September 2020
12 Oct 2020Standard C++Increased Complexity of C++20 Range Algorithms Declarations - Is It Worth?--Bartlomiej Filipek
12 Oct 2020Standard C++C++ as a Second Language (Chrome University 2020)--Chris Blume
12 Oct 2020Standard C++C++ Compile time conditional struct member variables--Saleem Ahmad
12 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Haskellings 2: Better Configuration
12 Oct 2020Standard C++Upsetting Opinions about Static Analyzers
12 Oct 2020Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: Towards Tactic Metaprogramming in Haskell
11 Oct 2020Standard C++CopperSpice: Concepts in C++20
11 Oct 2020Standard C++Winning the race against TOCTOU vulnerabilities in C & C++ -- Ann G. Campbell
09 Oct 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Edge computing with servant on Cloudflare
08 Oct 2020Standard C++Broader coverage of C++ Core Guidelines & broken access control detection with SonarQube and SonarCl
08 Oct 2020Standard C++Range-v3: An Introduction to the Library [In Spanish] -- Daniel G Vergel
08 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Force your code to break
07 Oct 2020Standard C++std::format in C++20--Peter Gottschling
07 Oct 2020Standard C++More Convenience Functions for Containers with C++20--Rainer Grimm
07 Oct 2020Standard C++Announcing the closing keynote of Meeting C++ 2020!
07 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Production Haskell Alpha Release
07 Oct 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Making GHCIDE smarter and faster: a fellowship summary
06 Oct 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Collect in Rust, traverse in Haskell and Scala
05 Oct 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Starting Haskellings!
02 Oct 2020Standard C++Why it is important to apply static analysis for open libraries that you add to your project
02 Oct 2020Standard C++False positives are our enemies, but may still be your friends -- Loic Joly
02 Oct 2020Standard C++"C++ Move Semantics - The Compete Guide" is Complete and in Print -- Nicolai Josuttis
02 Oct 2020Standard C++Getting timely, accurate feedback on your C++ from the SonarQube ecosystem -- G. Ann Campbell
02 Oct 2020Standard C++HPX V1.5.1 released -- STE||AR Group
30 Sep 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Fully statically linked Haskell binaries with Bazel
29 Sep 2020Standard C++Adding ask me anything to Meeting C++ 2020
29 Sep 2020Planet HaskellRussell O'Connor: It Is Never a Compiler Bug Until It Is
28 Sep 2020Standard C++std::exchange Patterns: Fast, Safe, Expressive, and Probably Underused--Ben Deane
28 Sep 2020Standard C++New C++ features in GCC 10--Marek Polacek
28 Sep 2020Standard C++CLion 2020.3 EAP: CTest, Set Execution Point in Debug, Qt project templates...--Anastasia Kazakova
28 Sep 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Rustlings Part 2
28 Sep 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Being lazy without getting bloated
27 Sep 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Learn Haskell on CodeWorld writing Sokoban
27 Sep 2020Planet HaskellChris Penner: Generalizing 'jq' and Traversal Systems using optics and standard monads
25 Sep 2020Standard C++2020-09 mailing available
24 Sep 2020Standard C++CppCon 2020 Trip Report--Conor Hoekstra
24 Sep 2020Standard C++CppCon 2020 Trip Report--Shafik Yaghmour
24 Sep 2020Standard C++Attending the virtual CppCon 2020--Jens Weller
23 Sep 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: The mystery of the malformed command-line flags
23 Sep 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Announcing Lagoon
22 Sep 2020Planet HaskellNeil Mitchell: Don't use Ghcide anymore (directly)
21 Sep 2020Standard C++C++ community surveys - my CppCon Lightning talk
21 Sep 2020Standard C++CopperSpice: Qualifiers
21 Sep 2020Standard C++The last vestiges of object oriented programming -- Geoffrey Viola
21 Sep 2020Standard C++Introduction to modern CMake for beginners
21 Sep 2020Standard C++constexpr std::vector and std::string in C++20--Rainer Grimm
21 Sep 2020Standard C++Quick Q: Is std::unique_ptr required to know the full definition of T?
21 Sep 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Rustlings Video Blog!
21 Sep 2020Standard C++Making Iterators, Views and Containers Easier to Write with Boost.STLInterfaces - Zach Laine
21 Sep 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Rust: Of course it compiles, right?
20 Sep 2020Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [bvpqwmoh] Making Roman numerals worse
18 Sep 2020Standard C++What std::exchange does, and how to remember it--Jonathan Boccara
18 Sep 2020Standard C++C++ Coroutines in Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.8--Jonathan Emmett
17 Sep 2020Standard C++Standard C++20 Modules support with MSVC in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8--Cameron DaCamara
17 Sep 2020Standard C++std::span in C++20: Bounds-Safe Views for Sequences of Objects--Rainer Grimm
17 Sep 2020Standard C++Concept archetypes — update--Andrzej Krzemieński
17 Sep 2020Planet HaskellJasper Van der Jeugt: Lazy Sort: Counting Comparisons
17 Sep 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: MuniHac 2020
16 Sep 2020Standard C++Refactoring from single to multi purpose
16 Sep 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Where Rust fits in your organization
15 Sep 2020Planet HaskellERDI Gergo: A "very typed" container for representing microcode
14 Sep 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Avoiding duplicating strings in Rust
13 Sep 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Weasel words in headlines
13 Sep 2020Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: A design for paths in Cabal
11 Sep 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): September 2020 Haskell Problems and Solutions
11 Sep 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Homeschool on PowerPoint
10 Sep 2020Planet HaskellEdward Z. Yang: Let’s talk about the PyTorch dispatcher
10 Sep 2020Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: Algebra-Driven Design
09 Sep 2020Planet HaskellAlson Kemp: Rust build/install: permission denied
09 Sep 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Using Rust for DevOps tooling
08 Sep 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): September 2020 Haskell 1-liners
08 Sep 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Working with Hasura to improve GHC tooling
07 Sep 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: ICFP 2020 & MSFP 2020
05 Sep 2020Planet HaskellDan Piponi (sigfpe): Some pointers to things not in this blog
04 Sep 2020Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: (Approximate) integer square root
01 Sep 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): August 2020 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
01 Sep 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: English universities are in peril because of 10 years of calamitous reform
01 Sep 2020Planet HaskellDon Stewart (dons): Bootstrapping a community via hackathons
31 Aug 2020Planet HaskellAuke Booij: Property testing property testers
31 Aug 2020Planet HaskellNeil Mitchell: Interviewing while biased
31 Aug 2020Planet HaskellStackage Blog: LTS 16 uses ghc-8.8.4 as of LTS 16.12
05 Jun 2020Planet HaskellHaskell IDE: 2020-06-05-ghcide-and-nixpkgs
18 Mar 2020Planet HaskellAbhinav Sarkar: Notes for ‘Thinking with Types: Type-level Programming in Haskell’, Chapters 1–5