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02 Aug 2021Standard C++C++ developers conference C++ Russia is looking for speakers
02 Aug 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 Test Driven C++--Phil Nash
02 Aug 2021Standard C++Shift-M/47: Bjarne Stroustrup on the future of programming--Yegor Bugayenko
02 Aug 2021Standard C++Visual Studio Code C++ July 2021 Update: Disassembly View, Macro Expansion and...--Julia Reid
02 Aug 2021Standard C++Upcoming C++ User Group meetings in August
02 Aug 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Best practices for foreign imports
30 Jul 2021Standard C++Performance of the Parallel STL Algorithms--Rainer Grimm
30 Jul 2021Standard C++Using C++ Modules in MSVC from the Command Line Part 1--Cameron DaCamara
30 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 From Algorithm to Generic, Parallel Code--Dietmar Kuhl
30 Jul 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Time to say goodbye to our heroes?
29 Jul 2021Standard C++3 Test events for Meeting C++ 2021
29 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Stealing Impl from Rust
28 Jul 2021Standard C++2021-07 Mailing Available
28 Jul 2021Standard C++CLion 2021.2: CMake Presets, GNU Autotools Projects, Debugger Updates, Lifetimes Analysis
28 Jul 2021Standard C++Join the review and voting session for Meeting C++ 2021
28 Jul 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Convert Cabal-based projects to Bazel automatically
27 Jul 2021Standard C++C++ Ecosystem in 2021, JetBrains research
27 Jul 2021Standard C++C++ is awesome, here's why...--Vinit Jogani
26 Jul 2021Standard C++Four more days for CppCon Early Bird discount -- EB ends July 31
26 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 Practical Memory Pool Based Allocators For Modern C++--Misha Shalem
26 Jul 2021Standard C++spdlog 1.9.0 released with {fmt} 8.x support, new sink types and other improvements
26 Jul 2021Standard C++Migrating VAST to C++20 - A Field Report--Benno Evers
26 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Summer Sale Ending!
23 Jul 2021Standard C++Parallel Algorithms of the STL with the GCC Compiler--Rainer Grimm
23 Jul 2021Standard C++Software Architecture with C++, Book Review--Bartlomiej Filipek
23 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 How to Herd 1,000 Libraries--Robert Schumacher
23 Jul 2021Standard C++CopperSpice: Variable Templates
23 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: Keeping todo items in org-roam v2
22 Jul 2021Standard C++C++ Trainings aligned with Meeting C++ 2021
22 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: The convergents of 2x
22 Jul 2021Planet HaskellHaskell IDE: 2021-07-22-summer-of-hls
22 Jul 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Towards system profiler support for GHC
21 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 Breaking Dependencies: The SOLID Principles--Klaus Iglberger
21 Jul 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Integrated shrinking in QCheck
20 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon announces Academy classes (on-site and on-line training) -- Jon Kalb
20 Jul 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: An Istio/mutual TLS debugging story
19 Jul 2021Standard C++Extended Aggregate Initialisation in C++17--Jonathan Boccara
19 Jul 2021Standard C++C++20 three way comparison operator — ensure backward compatibility: Part 8--Gajendra Gulgulia
19 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 Reducing Template Compilation Overhead, Using C++11, 14, 17, and 20--Jorg Brown
19 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Hidden Identity: Using the Identity Monad
16 Jul 2021Standard C++Full Specialization of Function Templates--Rainer Grimm
16 Jul 2021Standard C++Why do smart pointers null out the wrapped pointer before destroying it?--Raymond Chen
16 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 2020: The Year of Sanitizers?--Victor Ciura
16 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Hspec Hooks
14 Jul 2021Standard C++HPX V1.7.0 released -- STE||AR Group
14 Jul 2021Standard C++C++20 three way comparison operator: Part 7--Gajendra Gulgulia
14 Jul 2021Standard C++Classic Railroad Field Trip Announced--CppCon 2021
14 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 Abusing Your Memory Model for Fun and Profit--Samy Al Bahra, Paul Khuong
14 Jul 2021Standard C++All rotations of a string with ranges – Marco Arena
14 Jul 2021Standard C++Announcing the second set of AMAs for Meeting C++ 2021
14 Jul 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Searching for COVID-19 treatments using metabolic networks
12 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 A Parallel and Heterogeneous Task Programming System Using Modern C++--Tsung-Wei Huang
12 Jul 2021Standard C++C++20 three way comparison operator--Gajendra Gulgulia
12 Jul 2021Standard C++On the perils of holding a lock across a coroutine suspension point--Raymond Chen
12 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Making Sense of Monads!
12 Jul 2021Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: Best practices for foreign imports
12 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Template Haskell Performance Tips
09 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: “Forensic” doesn't mean what I thought it did
09 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 Small is beautiful: Techniques to minimise memory footprint--Steven Pigeon
08 Jul 2021Standard C++On the perils of holding a lock across a coroutine suspension point, part 1--Raymond Chen
08 Jul 2021Planet HaskellRussell O'Connor: It Is Never a Compiler Bug Until It Is
08 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: A simple dice-throwing game that seems hard to play
08 Jul 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Exploring linear Traversable using generics
07 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2021 Call for Volunteers and Volunteer Grant Program
07 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 Get Off My Thread: Techniques for Moving Work to Background Threads--Anthony Williams
07 Jul 2021Standard C++Template Specialization - More Details About Class Templates--Rainer Grimm
07 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Examples of dummy pronouns
05 Jul 2021Standard C++Be Wise, Sanitize - Keeping Your C++ Code Free From Bugs--Marin Peko
05 Jul 2021Standard C++C++20 three way comparison operator: Part 4--Gajendra Gulgulia
05 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2019 Behind the Scenes of a C++ Build System--Jussi Pakkanen
05 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Duckface in German
05 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Function Application: Using the Dollar Sign ($)
05 Jul 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Rust's as_ref vs as_deref
03 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: The timeout manager exception
03 Jul 2021Standard C++Slides of the 24th of June 2021 BeCPP Meeting -- Marc Gregoire
02 Jul 2021Standard C++CppCon 2020 Effective Remote C++ Development with Codespaces--Nick Uhlenhuth
01 Jul 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: if without else in Rust
01 Jul 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Building OCaml Projects with Bazel
30 Jun 2021Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Towers of Hanoi from a Random Start
30 Jun 2021Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Announcing HMock 0.3
27 Jun 2021Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: A first look at HMock
26 Jun 2021Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Coming Soon: Virtual Haskell Cohack
25 Jun 2021Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Announcing HMock 0.2
24 Jun 2021Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Types versus sets in math and programming languages
24 Jun 2021Planet HaskellMike Izbicki: Teaching Open Source Software in North Korea
23 Jun 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: ZuriHac 2021 Advanced Track Materials
21 Jun 2021Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Why I Support the Haskell Foundation
21 Jun 2021Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: ICFP Paper—Algebras for Weighted Search
21 Jun 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: The tale of keepAlive#
20 Jun 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: The Plutus team is hiring
19 Jun 2021Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell: folding folds
19 Jun 2021Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Leaving DFINITY
16 Jun 2021Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [onfvsnqp] Roundoff during color space conversion in JPEG
15 Jun 2021Planet HaskellRussell O'Connor: On Building Consensus and Speedy Trial
14 Jun 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: GHC activities report: April-May 2021
10 Jun 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: The Pathway to Information Security Management and Certification
08 Jun 2021Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Average and median via optimization
08 Jun 2021Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: The tale of keepAlive#
07 Jun 2021Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): Why Kleisli Arrows Matter
06 Jun 2021Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: ZSH, Nix, and completions
05 Jun 2021Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 8.10.5 is now available
04 Jun 2021Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: Probability for Slay the Spire fanatics
03 Jun 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Intermediate Training Courses - Haskell and Rust
02 Jun 2021Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Verifying the code of the Internet Identity service
02 Jun 2021Planet HaskellShayne Fletcher: Annotations in GHC
01 Jun 2021Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): June 2021 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
31 May 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Stack on Slack and ARM64
29 May 2021Planet HaskellStackage Blog: Stackage nightly snapshots to switch to GHC 9.0.1
26 May 2021Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Low Code/No Code: Why you should be paying attention
26 May 2021Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [ruimxwha] return value type annotation