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16 Jan 2021Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: Defunctionalizing dependent type families in Haskell
15 Jan 2021Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: A bulletin board website using Haskell, scotty and friends
13 Jan 2021Standard C++Performance Comparison of Condition Variables and Atomics in C++20--Rainer Grimm
13 Jan 2021Standard C++Reusable HTTP(S) Connections--Richard Hodges
13 Jan 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Cloud Vendor Neutrality
11 Jan 2021Standard C++GotW #97 Solution: Assertions -- Herb Sutter
11 Jan 2021Standard C++ACCU Overload 160 --
11 Jan 2021Planet HaskellFP Complete: Philosophies of Rust and Haskell
10 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Securing internet communications: a layman's guide (2021)
09 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: A parents' guide to Minecraft
08 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Indexed optics dilemma
07 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Benchmarks of discrimination package
07 Jan 2021Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Haskell dark arts, part I: importing hidden values
06 Jan 2021Planet HaskellEdward Z. Yang: The PyTorch open source process
06 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDerek Elkins: Overlaps
05 Jan 2021Standard C++Include What You Use--Jonathan Boccara
05 Jan 2021Standard C++C++ at the end of 2020--Bartlomiej Filipek
05 Jan 2021Standard C++Firsts in 2020 (or, A little dose of good news)--Herb Sutter
05 Jan 2021Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: The visitor pattern is essentially the same thing as Church encoding
04 Jan 2021Standard C++One Trick with Private Names and Function Templates--Bartlomiej Filipek
04 Jan 2021Standard C++Interactive C++ for Data Science--Vassil Vassilev, David Lange, Simeon Ehrig, Sylvain Corlay
04 Jan 2021Standard C++Synchronization with Atomics in C++20--Rainer Grimm
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellAbhinav Sarkar: Solving Advent of Code “Handy Haversacks” in Type-level Haskell
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Master's Thesis
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Coindexed optics
04 Jan 2021Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: A First Look at Info Table Profiling
03 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Snow White in German
03 Jan 2021Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: Theory of iteration and recursion
01 Jan 2021Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: My big mistake about dense sets
31 Dec 2020Planet Haskellin Code: Advent of Code 2020: Haskell Solution Reflections for all 25 Days
30 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Benjamin Franklin and the Exercises of Ignatius
29 Dec 2020Planet HaskellRoman Cheplyaka: StateT vs. IORef: a benchmark
29 Dec 2020Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: Things I did in 2020
28 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Countdown to 2021!
28 Dec 2020Standard C++C++ Day 2020--Marco Arena
28 Dec 2020Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [jlylyjlr] not modifying state
28 Dec 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Cloning a reference and method call syntax in Rust
27 Dec 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: My First Type Theory
27 Dec 2020Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Trees indexed by a Cayley Monoid
27 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Live Coding: Rust reverse proxy
26 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Basterma
26 Dec 2020Standard C++2020-12 mailing available
25 Dec 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: The Shrinks Applicative
24 Dec 2020Planet HaskellDouglas M. Auclair (geophf): December 2020 1HaskellADay Problems and Solutions
23 Dec 2020Planet HaskellOliver Charles: Monad Transformers and Effects with Backpack
22 Dec 2020Planet HaskellRoman Cheplyaka: Laptop vs. desktop for compiling Haskell code
22 Dec 2020Standard C++Writing a custom iterator in modern C++ -- Internal Pointers
22 Dec 2020Standard C++VcPkg: The Open Source Cross-Platform Package Manager from Microsoft -- Richard Thomson
22 Dec 2020Standard C++SonarQube / SoanrCloud add C++17 rules -- Alexandre Gigleux
22 Dec 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Don’t think, just defunctionalize
21 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Open Sourcing Haskellings!
18 Dec 2020Standard C++On Design Patterns in C++--Jonathan Boccara'
18 Dec 2020Standard C++I'm Proud to Present my New Book: C++20--Rainer Grimm
18 Dec 2020Standard C++PVS-Studio 7.11 Release: IAR Arm, Diagnostics, FREE-FREE-FREE-FREE
18 Dec 2020Planet HaskellOleg Grenrus: Dependent Linear types in QTT
17 Dec 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Haskell development job with Well-Typed
16 Dec 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Trustix: Distributed trust and reproducibility tracking for binary caches
15 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Master of the Pecos River
15 Dec 2020Standard C++std::any - comparison with void* and motivating examples -- Hitesh Kumar
14 Dec 2020Standard C++CopperSpice: C++ Memory Model
14 Dec 2020Standard C++C and C++ analysers detect cryptography-related security issues -- Alexandre Gigleux
14 Dec 2020Standard C++Atomic References with C++20
14 Dec 2020Standard C++Boost 1.75.0
14 Dec 2020Standard C++C++17 structured bindings for more safe, functional code--Dmitrii Khizbullin
14 Dec 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Hokusai's "The Great Wave" recreated in Lego
14 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Dependencies and Package Databases
14 Dec 2020Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Enumerating Trees
14 Dec 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Pattern matching
13 Dec 2020Planet HaskellRussell O'Connor: Carbon Tax: Running my Numbers
13 Dec 2020Planet Haskellin Code: Roll your own Holly Jolly streaming combinators with Free
11 Dec 2020Planet Haskellmightybyte: Using Cabal With Large Projects
11 Dec 2020Planet Haskellmightybyte: Haskell Best Practices for Avoiding "Cabal Hell"
11 Dec 2020Planet HaskellFP Complete: Why we built Kube360
10 Dec 2020Standard C++C++20 Comparisons in ReSharper C++ 2020.3 -- Igor Akhmetov
10 Dec 2020Planet HaskellChris Penner: Simpler and safer API design using GADTs
09 Dec 2020Standard C++No Diagnostic Required Episode #0 -- Anastasia Kazakova and Phil Nash
09 Dec 2020Standard C++CLion 2020.3 release: Improve the way you develop in C++! -- Anastasia Kazakova
09 Dec 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: A Year of Radical No's
09 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Haskell: The Bad Parts, part 3
08 Dec 2020Standard C++Bit Manipulation with C++20--Rainer Grimm
08 Dec 2020Standard C++Feature Testing with C++20--Rainer Grimm
08 Dec 2020Standard C++Teresa Johnson - ThinLTO Whole Program Optimization - Meeting C++ 2020 Center Keynote
07 Dec 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: "This must be your first"
07 Dec 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Adding Hints
07 Dec 2020Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [orptuqka] Bits instance of Integer
06 Dec 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: A Tale of Two Pandemics
05 Dec 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Named goals in Coq
05 Dec 2020Standard C++Meta Polymorphism - Jonathan Boccara - Meeting C++ 2020 Opening Keynote
05 Dec 2020Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: Building a Bulletin Board Using Scotty and Friends
04 Dec 2020Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: Recruiting for diversity is not lowering the bar
04 Dec 2020Standard C++Remembering Beman Dawes
03 Dec 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: GHC activities report: October-November 2020
01 Dec 2020Standard C++The Code Analyzer is wrong. Long live the Analyzer!
30 Nov 2020Standard C++Under the Covers of C++ Lambdas: Captures, Captures, Captures--Andreas Fertig
30 Nov 2020Standard C++Safe Comparisons of Integrals with C++20--Rainer Grimm
30 Nov 2020Standard C++Capture *this in lambda expression: Timeline of change -- Hitesh Kumar
30 Nov 2020Standard C++I/O Prioritization in Windows OS -- Milad Kahsari Alhadi
26 Nov 2020Standard C++Code smells on hot paths - Mateusz Nowak - Meeting C++ online
25 Nov 2020Standard C++Denis Yaroshevskiy - my first SIMD - Meeting C++ online
24 Nov 2020Standard C++Concepts in C++20 -- Richard Thomson
24 Nov 2020Standard C++How Many Strings Does C++ Have? -- Giovanni Dicanio
24 Nov 2020Standard C++Illuminating Lambda Expressions in C++ -- Richard Thomson
24 Nov 2020Standard C++The Royal Game -- Philipp Lenk
24 Nov 2020Standard C++Create a new type when using std::variant -- Zhihao Yuan
23 Nov 2020Standard C++Conditionally Trivial Special Member Functions--Sy Brand
23 Nov 2020Standard C++How to Share Code with Const and Non-Const Functions in C++--Bartlomiej Filipek
23 Nov 2020Standard C++Calendar and Time-Zones in C++20: Time-Zones--Rainer Grimm
22 Nov 2020Standard C++2020-11 mailing available
19 Nov 2020Standard C++Why PVS-Studio Doesn't Offer Automatic Fixes
16 Nov 2020Standard C++Overload 159 is now available