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01 Apr 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: 30 years of Haskell
01 Apr 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: A Lazy Rust Compiler
31 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: XKCD vs Coronavirus
31 Mar 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: Animations in Kaleidogen
31 Mar 2020Standard C++Kafka’s uncle spends a week with Les Booloise: Prague trip report--Guy Davidson
31 Mar 2020Standard C++Announcing full support for a C/C++ conformant preprocessor in MSVC--Elnar Dakeshov
31 Mar 2020Standard C++Requires-clause--Andrzej Krzemieński
31 Mar 2020Standard C++Conan integration in GitLab
30 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Lucid: Another HTML Option
30 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPaul Johnson: The Diametric Safety Case Manager
27 Mar 2020Standard C++LLVM/Clang 10.0.0 is released!
27 Mar 2020Standard C++C++20: Coroutines - A First Overview--Rainer Grimm
27 Mar 2020Standard C++Trip report: February 2020 ISO C++ committee meeting, Prague--Timur Doumler
27 Mar 2020Standard C++C++ on Sea 2020 Conference Rethink
27 Mar 2020Standard C++Friends and where to find them -- Dawid Pilarski
27 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Pauli chess
27 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Basics of Carbohydrates
25 Mar 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: The problem with adding functions to compact regions
24 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: git log --author=... confused me
24 Mar 2020Standard C++2020-03 post-Prague mailing available
23 Mar 2020Standard C++Modern C++ Training, Chicago, 4 days
23 Mar 2020Standard C++C++ 2020 events affected by Covid-19
23 Mar 2020Standard C++CopperSpice: More on Moving to C++17
23 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Blaze: Lightweight Html Generation
23 Mar 2020Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Data structure challenge: finding the rightmost empty slot
17 Mar 2020Standard C++C++20: Python's map Function--Rainer Grimm
17 Mar 2020Standard C++C++20: Pythons range Function, the Second--Rainer Grimm
17 Mar 2020Standard C++C++20: Pythonic with the Ranges Library--Rainer Grimm
17 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: The Ideal Mathematician
17 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Evolving Import Style For Diff Friendliness
17 Mar 2020Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Haskell development job with Well-Typed
16 Mar 2020Planet HaskellNeil Mitchell: The <- pure pattern
16 Mar 2020Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [mbkfwmkw] Prime frieze
16 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Reflex HTML Basics
14 Mar 2020Standard C++The Varna ISO C++ meeting is postponed -- Herb Sutter
12 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Try out the new Mandelbrot Maps, Part II
12 Mar 2020Planet HaskellJoey Hess: watch me program for half an hour
12 Mar 2020Planet HaskellJasper Van der Jeugt: Visual Arrow Syntax
12 Mar 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Inferred or Specified Types? Your Choice!
11 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now
11 Mar 2020Planet HaskellThe team: Get base onto
11 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Effectful Property Testing
10 Mar 2020Standard C++Trip report: ISO C++ standards in Prague -- Inbal Levi
10 Mar 2020Standard C++Modern C++ Training, Berlin, 4 days
09 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Making the Jump to Real World Haskell
08 Mar 2020Planet HaskellNeil Mitchell: How to get a Haskell job
05 Mar 2020Standard C++PVS-Studio Integration in PlatformIO
05 Mar 2020Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Optimizing a maze with graph theory, genetic algorithms, and Haskell
05 Mar 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Code is Engineering, Types are Science
04 Mar 2020Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Try out the new Mandelbrot Maps
04 Mar 2020Planet HaskellThe team: Storing generated cabal files
03 Mar 2020Standard C++AVX-512 Auto-Vectorization in MSVC--Rui Zhang
03 Mar 2020Standard C++Are you ready for C++Now?--Jon Kalb
03 Mar 2020Standard C++C++20: Functional Patterns with the Ranges Library--Rainer Grimm
03 Mar 2020Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive Programming in Haskell: modular arithmetic, part 2
02 Mar 2020Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Announcing Practical Haskell!
02 Mar 2020Standard C++Literal classes as non-type template parameters in C++20 -- Kevin Hartman
29 Feb 2020Planet HaskellJoey Hess: announcing arduino-copilot
27 Feb 2020Standard C++A quick primer on type traits in modern C++
26 Feb 2020Standard C++C++ Packaging and Design Rules -- John Lakos
26 Feb 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Probabilistic Programming with monad‑bayes, Part 3: A Bayesian Neural Network
25 Feb 2020Standard C++HPX V1.4.1 released -- STE||AR Group
25 Feb 2020Planet HaskellMichael Snoyman: Making nutrition decisions
24 Feb 2020Standard C++How I declare my class and why -- Howard Hinnant
24 Feb 2020Standard C++References, simply--Herb Sutter
24 Feb 2020Standard C++using std::cpp 2020 conference program
24 Feb 2020Standard C++Virtual, final and override in C++--Jonathan Boccara
24 Feb 2020Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: Testing higher-order properties with QuickCheck
23 Feb 2020Planet HaskellDerek Elkins: Beck-Chevalley
23 Feb 2020Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: What would Dijkstra do? Proving the associativity of min
21 Feb 2020Standard C++Bjarne Stroustrup on C++20's significance
20 Feb 2020Standard C++Freestanding in Prague--Ben Craig
20 Feb 2020Standard C++Move, simply--Herb Sutter
20 Feb 2020Standard C++C++20: The Ranges Library--Rainer Grimm
20 Feb 2020Standard C++CopperSpice: Moving to C++17
20 Feb 2020Standard C++Large-Scale C++: Process and Architecture --- John Lakos
20 Feb 2020Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Another Breadth-First Traversal
19 Feb 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: On linear types and exceptions
18 Feb 2020Standard C++C++20 is Done!
18 Feb 2020Standard C++Overload 155 is now available
18 Feb 2020Standard C++A short video from Prague: C++20 is here!
16 Feb 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Midichlorians
16 Feb 2020Standard C++Trip report: Winter ISO C++ standards meeting (Prague) -- Herb Sutter
15 Feb 2020Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive Programming in Haskell: modular arithmetic, part 1
15 Feb 2020Planet HaskellDonnacha Oisín Kidney: Typing TABA
14 Feb 2020Standard C++Zero, one, two, Freddy's coming for you
14 Feb 2020Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Tweag Fellowships: Funding for Open Source Contributors
13 Feb 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Gentzen's rules for natural deduction
13 Feb 2020Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: A Working Linux DAW
12 Feb 2020Standard C++Reverse For Loops in C++--Carlos Buchart
12 Feb 2020Standard C++Five Awesome C++ Papers for the Prague ISO Meeting and C++20 Status--Bartlomiej Filipek
12 Feb 2020Standard C++Concepts in C++20: An Evolution or a Revolution?--Rainer Grimm
12 Feb 2020Planet HaskellThe team: Decimal Safety Right on The Money
12 Feb 2020Standard C++Slides of the 29th of January 2020 BeCPP Meeting -- Marc Gregoire
11 Feb 2020Standard C++Quick Q: Setting a vector equal to {}
11 Feb 2020Standard C++Various Ways of Applying a Function to the Elements of a Collection in C++--Jonathan Boccara
11 Feb 2020Standard C++C++20: Define the Concept Regular and SemiRegular--Rainer Grimm
11 Feb 2020Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Unexpected benefits of version control
10 Feb 2020Planet HaskellGabriel Gonzalez: Dhall Survey Results (2019-2020)
10 Feb 2020Planet HaskellStackage Blog: Upcoming stackage LTS 15 snapshot with ghc-8.8.2
07 Feb 2020Planet HaskellJoey Hess: arduino-copilot combinators
07 Feb 2020Standard C++A Universal I/O Abstraction for C++ -- Corentin Jabot
06 Feb 2020Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Major screwups in mathematics: example 3
05 Feb 2020Planet HaskellStackage Blog: Discontinuing legacy snapshots
04 Feb 2020Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Mirror Mirror: Reflection and Encoding Via
03 Feb 2020Planet HaskellJoachim Breitner: git post-squash
16 Apr 2019Planet HaskellOskar Wickström: Property-Based Testing in a Screencast Editor, Case Study 2: Video Scene Classification
19 Jan 2019Planet HaskellHaskell at Work: Purely Functional GTK+, Part 2: TodoMVC
28 Dec 2018Planet HaskellOskar Wickström: Why I'm No Longer Taking Donations
22 Jun 2013Planet HaskellShayne Fletcher: Maybe