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25 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgThis week in PSC (101)
25 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgIntroducing Exporter::Almighty
24 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgThis week in PSC (102)
24 Mar 2023Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: The Co-Blub Paradox
24 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Notes on card games played by aliens
24 Mar 2023Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Benchmarking best practices
24 Mar 2023Standard C++Is boyer_moore_horspool faster then std::string::find?
23 Mar 2023Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Linear Constraints: the problem with scopes
23 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Addenda to recent articles 202212-202302
22 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgText::Extract::Word, MsOffice::Word::Surgeon - Weekly Travelling in CPAN
22 Mar 2023Planet = erlang.Erlang/OTP 26.0 Release Candidate 2
22 Mar 2023Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Late Cost Centre Profiling
22 Mar 2023Planet HaskellTweag I/O: High Assurance Software
22 Mar 2023Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Nix
22 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: Making an Emacs major mode for Cabal using tree-sitter
21 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 209: Special Bit Characters and Merge Account
21 Mar 2023Planet HaskellDerek Elkins: Preserving, Reflecting, and Creating Limits
21 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Series Spotlight: Monads and Functional Structures!
21 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: ChatGPT on the namesake of the metric space and women named James
20 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Compass directions in Catalan
19 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge #208
19 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMark Jason Dominus: Here I am at the Sagrada Família
18 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgTemplate Toolkit’s DEFAULT is not too useful
18 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgThe first line of Perl_CGI script, env perl vs perl only, how different?
17 Mar 2023Standard C++What do number conversions cost?
17 Mar 2023Standard C++Workshops for C++ on Sea 2023
16 Mar 2023Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Multiple Component support for cabal repl
16 Mar 2023Standard C++Modern C++ In-Depth — Literal Operators and User-Defined Literals
15 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 208: Minimum Index Sum and Duplicate and Missing
14 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgQuiq - Weekly Travelling in CPAN
14 Mar 2023Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Announcing FawltyDeps - a dependency checker for your Python code
13 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgChatGPT for Perl Learning
13 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: GHC 9.6.1 Includes Javascript Backend
11 Mar 2023Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell challenge: Letter Optimization
10 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgThis week in PSC (100)
10 Mar 2023Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 9.6.1 is now available
09 Mar 2023Planet = erlang.Embedded and cloud Elixir for grid-management at Sparkmeter
09 Mar 2023Read Rust - AllThe Registers of Rust
09 Mar 2023Planet HaskellTweag I/O: Announcing Topiary
09 Mar 2023Standard C++Effortless Performance Improvements in C++: std::vector -- Julien Jorge
09 Mar 2023Standard C++Getting Started with Boost.Asio: Timers and Serial Ports -- Richard Thomson
09 Mar 2023Standard C++C++20 Formatting Library, Parts 1. 2 and 3 -- Gajendra Gulgulia
08 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgCall for Papers. TPRC 2023
08 Mar 2023Planet = erlang.Erlang/OTP 25.3 Release
08 Mar 2023Standard C++Effortless Performance Improvements in C++: Parts 1& 2 -- Julien Jorge
08 Mar 2023Standard C++Merging intervals in next-gen C++--Marco Arena
08 Mar 2023Standard C++Next week: Meeting C++ online job fair
07 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 207: Keyboard Word and H-Index
07 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgRegexp::Assemble - Weekly Travelling in CPAN
07 Mar 2023Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Anonymous or large records with OverloadedRecordDot and OverloadedRecordUpdate
07 Mar 2023Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: Benchmarking Crimes
07 Mar 2023Standard C++Decreasing the Number of Memory Accesses, 1.2 -- Johnny's Software Lab
06 Mar 2023Planet HaskellGabriella Gonzalez: The "open source native" principle for software design
05 Mar 2023Planet HaskellDan Piponi (sigfpe): Constructing Clifford Algebras using the Super Tensor Product
04 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgThis week in PSC (099)
03 Mar 2023Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 9.6.1-rc1 is now available
03 Mar 2023Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: Per-project xref history in Emacs
01 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgAssert Your Environment
01 Mar 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 206: Shortest Time and Array Pairings
01 Mar 2023Standard C++Fun with printing tables with std::format and C++20 -- Bartlomiej Filipek
28 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllReducing code size in librsvg by removing an unnecessary generic struct
28 Feb 2023Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: GHC activities report: December 2022-January 2023
27 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgTWC 205: Exclusive Third Or First
27 Feb 2023Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 9.2.7 is now available
27 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Adding a Database to our AWS Server
27 Feb 2023Standard C++The Iterator Protocol -- Rainer Grimm
26 Feb 2023Standard C++Meeting C++ live with Daniela Engert
25 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgOrdering Your Tests
24 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgThe Perl Toolchain Summit 2023 has a COVID Policy
24 Feb Perl and Raku Merch from Freewear
24 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllKeyword Generics Progress Report: February 2023
24 Feb 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 709: Inlined comprehensions
24 Feb 2023Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell: Infinite 2D array, Level 4
24 Feb 2023Standard C++Insights from the second year of running online C++ job fairs
23 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Deploying a Haskell Server to AWS
22 Feb 2023Planet HaskellWell-Typed.Com: Interface Files with Core Definitions
21 Feb 2023Standard C++Value Objects -- Rainer Grimm
20 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 205: Third Highest and Maximum (Bit-Wise) XOR
20 Feb 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 708: Extending the Repository API to Mitigate Dependency Confusion Attacks
20 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMonday Morning Haskell: Pushing our Container to AWS ECR
20 Feb 2023Standard C++std::initializer_list in C++, caveats and improvements -- Bartłomiej Filipek
20 Feb 2023Standard C++2023-02 Mailing Available
18 Feb 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 707: A simplified signature for __exit__ and __aexit__
17 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgOutstanding GitHub Items
17 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgChatGPT suggests new keywords for Perl
17 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgUsing Type::Params Effectively
17 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgThis Week in PSC (098)
17 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllWhy is building a UI in Rust so hard?
16 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 204: Monotonic Arrays and Reshape Matrix
16 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgWhat does ChatGPT think about improving Perl?
16 Feb 2023Standard C++Debug Linux Console apps in Visual Studio’s Integrated Terminal -- Sinem Akinci
16 Feb 2023Standard C++C++ Brace Pair Colorization and More in Visual Studio -- Mryam Girmay
15 Feb 2023Planet = erlang.Erlang/OTP 26.0 Release Candidate 1
15 Feb 2023Standard C++Review of Embracing Modern C++ Safely (Lakos, Romeo, Khlebnikov, Meredith) -- Bartlomiej Filipek
15 Feb 2023Standard C++The C++ Language: Present and Future -- Daniel Garcia
15 Feb 2023Standard C++Writing Native Win32 Applications with WinLamb and Modern C++ -- Richard Thomson
15 Feb 2023Standard C++VS Code C++ Extension January Update: Create Definitions and Declarations -- Alexandra Kemper
15 Feb 2023Standard C++Abseil Strings Library -- Yury Fedorov
14 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllParsing TFTP in Rust
14 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllRust to WebAssembly the hard way
14 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllNew release
14 Feb 2023Standard C++Overload 173, February 2023
13 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgPayProp supports the German Perl/Raku Workshop 2023
13 Feb 2023Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 9.6.1-alpha3 is now available
13 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro vs Apple Watch SE
13 Feb 2023Standard C++C++23 “Pandemic Edition” is complete -- Herb Sutter
12 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgPerl Weekly Challenge 203: Special Quadruplets and Copy Directory (Functional Programming Approach)
11 Feb 2023Planet HaskellAbhinav Sarkar: Implementing Co, a Small Language With Coroutines #3: Adding Coroutines
10 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgThis week in PSC (097)
10 Feb 2023Planet HaskellGHC Developer Blog: GHC 9.2.6 is now available
09 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllDramatically reducing AccessKit’s memory usage
09 Feb 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 706: Filter for tarfile.extractall
08 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllRustler - Using Rust crates in Elixir
08 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllTauri vs Iced vs egui: Rust GUI framework performance comparison
08 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllThe Git source code audit, viewed as a Rust programmer
08 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: Logging with class
07 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgFind expiring SSL certs using curl, Go and Perl.
07 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllSpeeding up Rust semver-checking by over 2000x
07 Feb 2023Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Subtracting natural numbers: types and usability
06 Feb 2023blogs.perl.orgNew Dancer, Dancer2 plus Ecosystem Updates
06 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllExploring Rust for Vulkan drivers, part 1
06 Feb 2023Read Rust - AllGenerate gem skeleton with Rust extension
04 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: A take on logging
02 Feb 2023Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Production Haskell Complete
02 Feb 2023Standard C++The Toggle Builder -- Marco Arena
02 Feb 2023Standard C++Modern C++ In-Depth — Lambdas, Part 3
01 Feb 2023Standard C++C++ Ecosystem in 2022: Fast Adoption of C++17 and C++20... -- Anastasia Kazakova
01 Feb 2023Standard C++std::initializer_list in C++, Internals and Use Cases -- Bartłomiej Filipek
01 Feb 2023Standard C++All about UBSan (UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer) -- MaskRay
01 Feb 2023Standard C++Regular Types -- Rainer Grimm
01 Feb 2023Standard C++The Rule of Zero, or Six -- Rainer Grimm
01 Feb 2023Standard C++Numbers are not easy -- Šimon Tóth
30 Jan 2023Planet HaskellGabriella Gonzalez: terraform-nixos-ng: Modern terraform support for NixOS
29 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllThe size of Rust Futures
29 Jan 2023Planet HaskellMagnus Therning: A take on log messages
27 Jan 2023Standard C++CopperSpice: A Peek at C++23
26 Jan 2023Planet HaskellChris Smith 2: Pair Programming with ChatGPT & Haskell
23 Jan 2023blogs.perl.orgInevitable Improbabilities
23 Jan 2023Planet HaskellGabriella Gonzalez: Announcing nixos-rebuild: a "new" deployment tool for NixOS
19 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllTesting SIMD instructions on ARM with Rust on Android
19 Jan 2023Planet HaskellChris Reade: Graphs, Kites and Darts
19 Jan 2023Standard C++PVS-Studio in 2022
19 Jan 2023Standard C++Modern C++ In-Depth — Lambdas, Part 2
19 Jan 2023Standard C++Getting in trouble with mixed construction -- Barry Revzin
19 Jan 2023Standard C++Making C++ primitive types meaningfully movable when they have sentinel values -- Raymond Chen
19 Jan 2023Standard C++Argument-Dependent Lookup and the Hidden Friend Idiom -- Rainer Grimm
16 Jan 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 704: Require virtual environments by default for package installers
16 Jan 2023Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell: Infinite 2D array, Levels 2 and 3
14 Jan 2023Standard C++Writing Functors with Boost.Lambda2 -- Richard Thomson
14 Jan 2023Standard C++ACCU 2023 Registration is open -- ACCU
13 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllRunning Zola on WebAssembly
13 Jan 2023Standard C++Using perfect (and imperfect) forwarding to simplify C++ wrapper classes -- Raymond Chen
13 Jan 2023Standard C++Partial function application -- Rainer Grimm
12 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllSupporting the Use of Rust in the Chromium Project
11 Jan 2023Read Rust - Allgccrs in 2022
09 Jan 2023Newest Python PEPsPEP 703: Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython
07 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllIs coding in Rust as bad as in C++?
07 Jan 2023Read Rust - AllWhat Every Rust Developer Should Know About Macro Support in IDEs
07 Jan 2023Planet HaskellBrandon Simmons: Linking Smaller Haskell Binaries
05 Jan blogEngineer Spotlight: Zach Shipko
03 Jan 2023Planet HaskellSandy Maguire: Abusing Constraints for Automatic Documentation
02 Jan 2023Planet HaskellLysxia's blog: From delimited continuations to algebraic effects in Haskell
02 Jan 2023Planet HaskellBrent Yorgey: Competitive programming in Haskell: better binary search
02 Jan 2023Standard C++I'll Build Myself -- Phil Nash
01 Jan 2023Planet = erlang.A Bridge Over a River Never Crossed
01 Jan 2023Standard C++An interview that went viral -- Rainer Grimm
31 Dec 2022Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: 2022 Recap
30 Dec 2022Newest Python PEPsPEP 702: Marking deprecations using the type system
30 Dec 2022Planet HaskellGabriella Gonzalez: Nixpkgs support for Linux builders running on macOS
29 Dec blogEngineer Spotlight: Jules Aguillon
29 Dec 2022Standard C++Top 10 bugs found in C++ projects in 2022
27 Dec blogLove Rust? Then OCaml's New Eio Library is for You
24 Dec 2022Standard C++Using modules in the big three compilers
24 Dec 2022Standard C++libstdc++ gets C++20 chrono
23 Dec 2022Planet HaskellChris Reade: Diagrams for Penrose Tiles
22 Dec blogOCaml 5 Multicore Testing Tools
22 Dec 2022Planet = erlang.Cheatsheets and other 8 ExDoc features that improve the developer experience
22 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllAnnouncing KataOS and Sparrow
21 Dec blogAdvanced Merlin Features: Destruct and Construct
21 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllTen Years of Ru...ewriting my website
21 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllRust 2023
21 Dec 2022Planet HaskellMatt Parsons: Haddock Performance
21 Dec 2022Planet HaskellKen T Takusagawa: [duartbli] Digit strings easy to count their length
20 Dec blogHow Nomadic Labs Used Multicore Processing to Create a Faster Blockchain
19 Dec blogOCaml 5 With Multicore Support Is Here!
19 Dec 2022Planet HaskellGabriella Gonzalez: Nixpkgs support for incremental Haskell builds
17 Dec 2022Planet HaskellAbhinav Sarkar: Writing a Static Site Generator Using Shake
17 Dec 2022Planet HaskellGil Mizrahi: sqlite-easy: A primitive yet easy to use sqlite library
15 Dec 2022Planet = erlang.The Law of Stretched [Cognitive] Systems
15 Dec 2022Planet HaskellPhilip Wadler: The Rise and Fall of Peer Review
14 Dec blogHillingar: MirageOS Unikernels on NixOS
09 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllBuilding a Rust-y Vim clutch with the Raspberry Pi 2040
07 Dec blogAccelerating zk-SNARKs - MSM and NTT algorithms on FPGAs with Hardcaml
07 Dec blogOCaml 5 Release Candidate Now Available!
07 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllHelix Release 22.12 Highlights
07 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllThis Month in Rust OSDev: November 2022
06 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllLaunching the 2022 State of Rust Survey
06 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllKernelCI now testing Linux Rust code
01 Dec 2022Read Rust - AllMemory Safe Languages in Android 13
30 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllHow much does Rust's bounds checking actually cost?
30 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllFedora 38 Looks To Shift RPM To Sequoia, A Rust-Based OpenPGP Parser
30 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllOut-of-bounds memory access bug
29 Nov blogOCaml 5 Beta2 Release
28 Nov 2022Planet = erlang.Get Rid of Your Old Database Migrations
25 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllSafely writing code that isn't thread-safe
24 Nov blogSolve the 2022 Advent of Code Puzzles with OCaml
24 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllRedox OS 0.8.0
24 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllRust developers can now generate consistent type schema with Typeshare
23 Nov blogVisualizing information propagation in markets
23 Nov 2022Planet = erlang.Hiding Theory in Practice
22 Nov blogSix Surprising Reasons the OCaml Programming Language is Good for Business
22 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllFrom AST to bytecode execution in EndBASIC
22 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllThe carcinization of Go programs
22 Nov 2022Read Rust - AllFlux: Refinement Types for Rust
17 Nov blogComputations that differentiate, debug, and document themselves
17 Nov blogDeploying reproducible unikernels with albatross
16 Nov blogOCaml 5 at Open Source India 2022
15 Nov blogPresenting on Algebraic Effects at FP-SYD
15 Nov 2022Newest Python PEPsPEP 701: Syntactic formalization of f-strings
10 Nov blogTowards Minimal Disk-Usage for Tezos Bakers
08 Nov 2022Newest Python PEPsPEP 8104: 2023 Term Steering Council election
07 Nov 2022Newest Python PEPsPEP 705: TypedMapping: Type Hints for Mappings with a Fixed Set of Keys
04 Nov 2022Planet = erlang.¿Miscelánea o Procrastinación Encubierta?
31 Oct blogHow to get started with OCaml in 2022
31 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllA first look at Rust in the 6.1 kernel
29 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllGeneric associated types to be stable in Rust 1.65
28 Oct blogThe MirageOS Retreat: A Journey of Food, Cats, and Unikernels
25 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllEvaluating Build Scripts in the IntelliJ Rust Plugin
21 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllRAII: Compile-Time Memory Management in C++ and Rust
21 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllA deeper look into the GCC Rust front-end
21 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllRust on Espressif chips - 17-10-2022
21 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllProgress report on rustc_codegen_cranelift (Okt 2022)
20 Oct blogUp-to-Date Online Documentation
19 Oct blogPorting Charrua-Unix and Rawlink to Eio
19 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllWelcoming Sage Griffin: Rust Foundation Communities Advocate
18 Oct blogOCaml's Platform Installer Alpha Release
17 Oct blogOCaml 5 Beta Release
15 Oct 2022Read Rust - Allretrowin32, a win32 emulator
14 Oct blogReal World OCaml Book Giveaway!
14 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllA Memory Safe Implementation of the Network Time Protocol
12 Oct blog8 OCaml Libraries to Make Your Life Easier
10 Oct blogICFP 2022 Review
06 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllSingle Pass Recursion in Rust
06 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllAn Invitation to Rust Maintainers
06 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllHard Mode Rust
05 Oct 2022Read Rust - Allzerocal - A Serverless Calendar App in Rust Running on
04 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllRewriting the Modern Web in Rust
04 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllHow (and why) nextest uses tokio, part 1
04 Oct 2022Read Rust - AllImplementing truly safe semaphores in rust, and the costs we pay for safety
29 Sep blogMirroring the opam repository and all tarballs
29 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllThe perils of pinning
29 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllFutures Concurrency IV: Join Ergonomics
29 Sep 2022Read Rust - Allcargo careful: run your Rust code with extra careful debug checking
29 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllAnnouncing the Rust Style Team
29 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllAnnouncing ICU4X 1.0
23 Sep blogTarides Sponsors High School Hackers
23 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllCompiling Rust with GCC: an update
23 Sep 2022Read Rust - AllA pair of Rust kernel modules
06 Sep blogTarides Sponsors Girls Can Code
30 Aug blogIntroducing the Jane Street Graduate Research Fellowship
26 Aug blogTarides Goes on Holiday!
25 Aug blogWhat the interns have wrought, 2022 edition
02 Aug blogIrmin in the Browser
19 Jul blogTarides is on the Wavestone Radar!
12 Jul blogFaster Incremental Builds with Dune 3
05 Jul blogThe Magic of Merlin
28 Jun blogThales Cyber@Station F Selection
23 Jun blogTeam Tarides Visits a 17th Century Chateau
21 Jun blogFunctional Conf 2022
15 Jun blogOCaml 5 Alpha Release
13 Jun blogAdding Merkle Proofs to Tezos
09 Jun blogOCaml Matrix: A Virtual World
02 Jun blogTarides Sponsors 12th Annual Journées Franciliennes
02 May Reboot: User-Centric Design & Content
26 Apr blogLightning Fast with Irmin: Tezos Storage is 6x faster with 1000 TPS surpassed
19 Apr blogTarides Partners with 50inTech!
14 Apr blogWhat's New in MirageOS 4!
29 Mar blogMirageOS 4 Released!
08 Mar blogSecure Virtual Messages in a Bottle with SCoP
08 Mar blogAll your metrics belong to influx
04 Mar blogResearch internships in our Tools and Compilers group
01 Mar blogSegfault Systems Joins Tarides
27 Jan blogOCaml Labs Joins Tarides
14 Jan blogHow Jane Street Pairs Interns to Projects and Teams During the Software Engineering Internship
11 Jan blogMagic-trace: Diagnosing tricky performance issues easily with Intel Processor Trace
09 Dec blogMonorobot: a Slack bot for monorepos
23 Nov blog'Signals and Threads' Podcast: What is an Operating System?
18 Nov blogTarides & Hyper: Partners in Agricultural Innovation
11 Nov blogMirageOS Workshop: Working with the Raspberry Pi 4
09 Nov blogMirageOS 4.0 Preview Live Presentation
21 Oct blogHiring a Developer Educator
14 Oct blogSCoP Passed Phase 1 of the DAPSI Initiative!
04 Oct blogThe New Replaying Benchmark in Irmin
30 Sep 2021Read Rust - AllRust for the Polyglot Programmer
21 Sep blogAnnouncing Tezos’ 8th protocol upgrade proposal: Hangzhou
06 Sep blogTarides Returns to FIC 2021
26 Aug blogGoodbye Core_kernel
26 Aug blogTarides Engineers to Present at ICFP 2021
26 Aug blogBenchmarking OCaml projects with current-bench
09 Aug blogWhat the interns have wrought, 2021 edition
04 Aug 2021Read Rust - AllAdding Rust-Stable libstd Support for Xous
03 Aug 2021Read Rust - AllThe push for GATs stabilization
03 Aug 2021Read Rust - AllImprovements for #[doc] attributes in Rust
21 Jul 2021Read Rust - AllRust 2021 public testing period
20 Jul blogTarides at WomenHack Virtual Event
30 Jun blogDeploying binary MirageOS unikernels
29 Jun blogTarides Introduces OSMOSE at the Open-Source Innovation Sprint
15 Jun blogLooking for a developer experience engineer
18 May blogBuilding Ahrefs codebase with Melange
30 Apr blogTarides project SCoP is selected as one of the brightest Data Portability projects in Europe!
23 Apr blogCryptography updates in OCaml and MirageOS
06 Apr 2021Read Rust - AllRust in the Android platform
18 Mar 2021Read Rust - AllBuilding a shared vision for Async Rust
04 Mar blogFlorence and beyond: the future of Tezos storage
25 Feb 2021Read Rust - AllFerrocene Part 3: The Road
15 Feb blogPartnering for more diversity in Tech
28 Jan 2021Read Rust - AllRust & the case of the disappearing stack frames
26 Jan blogRecent and upcoming changes to Merlin
25 Jan blogThe road ahead for MirageOS in 2021
21 Jan 2021Read Rust - AllRustdoc performance improvements
21 Jan 2021Read Rust - AllRust in Production: 1Password
01 Jan 2021Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Rust 1.49.0
16 Dec 2020Read Rust - AllSequoia PGP v1.0 Released: The Seedling's a Sapling
14 Dec blogTarides sponsors the Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference 2020
14 Dec 2020Read Rust - AllLaunching the Lock Poisoning Survey
09 Dec 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Minus, a cross-platform pager
01 Dec blogGrowing the Hardcaml toolset
27 Nov 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Rustup 1.23.0
27 Nov 2020Read Rust - Alllib-ruby-parser: A Ruby Parser Written in Rust
24 Nov blogAnnouncing Our Market Prediction Kaggle Competition
24 Nov 2020Read Rust - AllWhat the Error Handling Project Group is Working On
19 Nov 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Rust 1.48.0
11 Nov 2020Read Rust - AllExploring PGO for the Rust compiler
04 Nov 2020Read Rust - AllIntroducing Scipio - a Thread-per-Core Crate for Rust & Linux
21 Oct 2020Read Rust - AllNon-Generic Inner Functions
12 Oct 2020Read Rust - AllRust after the honeymoon
09 Oct 2020Read Rust - AllRust in curl with Hyper
08 Oct 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Rust 1.47.0
07 Oct 2020Read Rust - AllRust + Raspberry Pi Tide Clock
06 Oct blogFinding memory leaks with Memtrace
30 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing the Portable SIMD Project Group
24 Sep blogBuilding portable user interfaces with Nottui and Lwd
22 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllAsync Iteration Semantics
22 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllPorting EBU R128 audio loudness analysis from C to Rust
21 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllThrow Away Code
21 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllLow-Level Academy
21 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllCall for 2021 Roadmap Blogs Ending Soon
21 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllRust 2021 – Ethical Development
19 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllRust 2021: Make it accessible
19 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllTL;DR Rust
17 Sep blogTarides is now a sponsor of the OCaml Software Foundation
15 Sep blogMemory allocator showdown
14 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllAnnouncing Actix Web v3.0
14 Sep 2020Read Rust - AllIntroducing auditable: audit Rust binaries for known bugs or vulnerabilities in production
08 Sep blogIrmin: September 2020 update
01 Sep blogIntroducing irmin-pack
31 Aug blogAnnouncing Signals and Threads, a new podcast from Jane Street
17 Aug blogWhat the interns have wrought, 2020 edition
03 Aug blogFuzzing OCamlFormat with AFL and Crowbar
26 Jul blogOne and a half years of ReasonML in production
24 Jul blogThe Jane Street Interview Process — 2020 Edition
24 Jun blogTraceroute
22 Jun blogReally low latency multipliers and cryptographic puzzles
01 Jun blogUsing ASCII waveforms to test hardware designs
20 Apr blogThe future of Tezos on MirageOS
17 Apr blogChrome extensions: Finding the missing proof
20 Feb blogWatch all of Jane Street's tech talks
03 Feb blogTroubleshooting systemd with SystemTap
23 Dec blogDeploying authoritative OCaml-DNS servers as MirageOS unikernels
16 Dec blogUsing Python and OCaml in the same Jupyter notebook
16 Dec blogReproducible MirageOS unikernel builds
11 Dec blogTarides wins the FIC 2020 startup award
06 Dec blogDeep-Learning the Hardest Go Problem in the World
04 Dec blogMirageOS talk at the Paris Open Source Summit
27 Nov blogIntroducing the GraphQL API for Irmin 2.0
21 Nov blogIrmin v2
22 Oct blogHow to write a library for BuckleScript and Native
14 Oct blogCommas in big numbers everywhere: An OpenType adventure
25 Sep blogMr. MIME - Parse and generate emails
13 Sep blogDecompress: Experiences with OCaml optimization
04 Sep blogAn introduction to fuzzing OCaml with AFL, Crowbar and Bun
30 Aug blogWhat the interns have wrought, 2019 edition
26 Aug blogDecompress: The New Decompress API
19 Aug blogUsing OCaml to drive a Raspberry Pi robot car
16 Aug blogDo applied programming languages research at Jane Street!
15 Aug blogX509 0.7
12 Jul blogA look at OCaml 4.08
09 Jul blogOf Pythons and Camels
05 Jul blogi-Lab 2019
27 Jun blogRelease of OCamlFormat 0.10
13 May blogThoughts from AAAI 2019
13 May blogOn the road to Irmin v2
09 May blogAn introduction to OCaml PPX ecosystem
06 May blog7th MirageOS hack retreat
17 Apr blogLearning ML Depth-First
10 Apr blogDune 1.9.0
29 Mar blogRelease of OCamlFormat 0.9
28 Feb blogAccelerating Self-Play Learning in Go
28 Feb blogMachining the ultimate hackathon prize
08 Feb blogRelease of Base64
02 Feb blogPlaying Atari Games with OCaml and Deep Reinforcement Learning
29 Jan blogL2 Regularization and Batch Norm
15 Jan blogA tutorial for building web applications with Incr_dom
03 Jan blogHow configurator reads C constants
06 Dec blogMirageOS, towards a smaller and safer OS
19 Oct blogocaml-git 2.0
17 Oct blogOCamlFormat 0.8
27 Sep blogOCaml Workshop 2018
26 Sep blogHow to shuffle a big dataset
20 Sep blogDeep learning experiments in OCaml
12 Sep blogGetting started with atdgen and bucklescript
06 Sep blogDune 1.2.0
06 Aug blogWhat the interns have wrought, 2018 edition
17 Jul blogStation F
29 Jun blogPlans for OCaml 4.08
23 May blogMirageOS + Tezos funding
23 May blogOCaml Users in Paris (OUPS)
18 May blogIrmin usability enhancements
17 May blogInvited lecture at ENS
22 Apr blogRepeatable exploratory programming
16 Apr blogHotPOST'18
04 Apr blogOCaml all the way down
27 Mar blogPutting the I back in IDE: Towards a Github Explorer
16 Feb blogLearn OCaml in NYC
15 Feb blogProofs (and Refutations) using Z3
14 Feb blogAn Architecture for Interspatial Communication
20 Dec blogWork on the OCaml compiler at Jane Street!
31 Oct blogDoes batch size matter?
29 Oct blogHow Jane Street Does Code Review (Jane Street Tech Talk)
26 Sep blogJane Street Tech Talk, Verifying Network Data Planes
28 Aug blogReal world machine learning (part 1)
25 Aug blogHow to design a tree diffing algorithm
24 Aug blogIroning out your development style
16 Aug blogHiring an FPGA engineer
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